Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zetas On Ice!

Today, Zetas had a fun-filled sisterhood at the Center Ice Rink! We really enjoyed skating, falling, and laughing together :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

ZTA in the Poly Post!

Check out the article about ZTA in the Poly Post!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thanks to everyone for Thinking Pink!

Our 2nd Annual Think Pink Week was an absolute success! Thanks to all of the fraternities that came out to support! And congratulations to Sigma Alpha Epsilon, our Think Pink Week Champions for the 2nd year in a row!

The week:
Pictures: Sigma Chi with 78 points
Yogurt Eating Contest: TKE with 16 yogurts in 3 minutes
Breast Exam: SAE
Profit Share: Pike with 31 flyers
BBQ Cook-Off: Phi Tau
Soccer Participation: Phi Tau
Ultimate Frisbee Competition: TKE
Yogurt Lids: SAE with 888 Lids
Treasure Chest (most collected and most creative): Pi Kappa Phi
Overall Winners: SAE

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Think-Pink Week!

Today marks the second day of Zeta Tau Alpha's 2nd annual Think-Pink Week! All fraternities involved participate in activities including taking pictures with the Zeta's, yogurt eating contests, a BBQ cook-off, and an ultimate frisbee game!
All proceeds go to ZTA's philanthropy: Breast Cancer Education & Awareness! So come out and support the girls... Big or small, let's save them all!
Bring this flyer to Buffalo Wild Wings on Wednesday for our Profit Share! 20% of all food purchases sold with this flyer presented will go to Breast Cancer Education & Awareness!

Recruitment 2010!

Zeta Tau Alpha is proud to introduce the beautiful Fall 2010 Pledge Class!
As always, only the best get crowned! We are proud to have such an amazing group of young women!

Theta Omega on Preference Night

Theta Omega on Bid Day! Now we are a chapter of 118 beautiful and inspiring women!

Seek The Noblest

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Retreat 2010!

Every summer, the ladies of ZTA spend a weekend retreat together, full of workshops, activities, bonding, and fun! This year's retreat was held in Anaheim. We had so much fun together!

Fall '06 Pledge Class

Fall '07 Pledge Class

Fall '08 Pledge Class

Fall '09 Pledge Class

E-Board 2010

ZTA Convention

This July, our President Ashley Vargas and Vice President Stephanie Martin attended ZTA's National Convention in New Orleans! While there, Theta Omega was awarded Crown Chapter Award, Total/Quota Award, and Helping Hands Award!

On the left, Ashley and Stephanie with our chain of chapters. On the right, Theta Omega's link in ZTA's chain of chapters.

On the left, Stephanie and Ashley with our Crown Chapter Award. At top, Stephanie and Ashley with our Province President Cindy Calm. On the right, Ashley with our Quota/Total Award.  

Big and little sisters!

As Zetas, we pride ourselves on the strong bonds of our sisterhood. One of the strongest of those bonds is the bond between big and little sisters. In ZTA, New Members are given a Big Sister through a process of mutual selection between bigs and littles. Big sisters are there to guide their littles through their college careers and be a support system for them.

"Having a big and little sis has changed my college career in so many ways. My big and little have both been there for me through the good times, the bad times, the late nights, the stupid fights, and they have never failed to give me support when I need it. If I never met my big and little, I wouldn't have met two of my best friends. I would do anything for them and I know that they would do anything for me. My big pushed me to become more involved in ZTA, and I am so glad that she did. My big and little have made my college experience easier because I know that I have people I can always count on. I feel so lucky to have become so close to both my big and little, and I know that my experience in college and in ZTA wouldn’t be the same without them."
-Ashley Warren

"I was so excited to get a little! I am lucky to have found two girls that have added so much to my Zeta experience. Laura Brook was my first little and Brittni Glatz is my newest addition! My favorite week is Secret Sis Week. The new bigs give clues to the littles about themselves and at the end of the week the littles find out who their bigs are! BOTH of my littles found out it was me before the end of the week, it wasnt much of a surprise. LOVE YOU LITTLE AND LIL B!"
-Jenna Peacock

"Receiving a big sister was such an exciting experience as a baby zeta. I had never known what it was like to have an older sister, as I am the oldest in my family. But what I do know is that she is exactly what I imagined a big sister would be. I knew there was something special and unique about her when we first met and I felt an instant connection with her. I have learned so much from her after a year of getting to know each other and making lasting memories. My big sis is more than just a sister who I share common interests with, she's someone I look up to, who I confide in, and the person I trust with all my heart."
-Karina Diaz-Infante

"My big Bryanna Wehr couldn't have been a better big sis. When it was finally revealed she was my big I could have not been any happier. Bry has been there for me when I needed a ride back to my house when I locked my keys in my car to a shoulder to cry on. She has always been the most understanding person in ZTA for me and not the amount of hugs and "i love you's" could ever repay back what she has done for me. Bigs are there to motivate you through everything that may be challenging in college and that is what exactly (and more) Bry did for me. With all the amazing memories between Bry and I, those are the laughters and cries I will cherish the most from ZTA. To my big sis, you are my partner in crime, the one who makes ZTA amazing for me, I will proudly wear our letters and learn those amazing things you have taught me and pass it on. Love you big."
-Melissa Nguyen

"Ashley Vargas is the best big sis I could've ever asked for, it's amazing to know that you have someone to always look up to in your chapter, who will guide you through anything and be there for you throughout college. Anything I have trouble with, she's always there to help, or when i need a good laugh i can always go to her. She'll bring me little treats just because, and I love that she loves me. My little sis Sammy Nikookar is my pride and joy, we're both pretty busy but I'd be there for her no matter the situation. Having a little in ZTA makes me strive to be a good role model, it gives me someone to laugh/cry/be silly with no matter the time. I feel like my ZTA experience is complete because of these two. i love them with my entire being."
-Isabel Uribe

"Stepping into this chapter two years ago, I had no idea that Zeta truly meant “forever”. Growing up in a tiny family of four, I decided to join Zeta Tau Alpha to gain the true sisterhood experience I had been longing for my entire life. After Bid Day in 2008, I finally found what I had been searching for. Zeta introduced me to an amazing sisterhood. I’ve never had a big sister before or someone there for me to guide me through unfamiliar experiences so as you can imagine, becoming a little sister to someone meant the world to me. My big sister Christine has been there for me when I’ve needed someone the most, especially when I have gotten into a little more trouble than I should have. Without my big sister, I wouldn’t have someone to escape to Santa Barbara with when we both need to just get away or to laugh with at the most random thoughts that pass our minds. She gives me the BEST advice when I am looking for guidance, no matter what the subject may be. Without my big sister Christine, I wouldn’t have the big sister I’ve always hoped for, but instead have received the big sister I have always dreamt of. Although I love my big sister Christine, the love of my Zeta family only begins there. Last year, I received one of the greatest gifts Zeta has to offer… a little sister. Describing my little sister Jade as “amazing” does not give her justice. Not only is she amazing, she is inspirational and has a heart of gold. Jade is a Zeta Lady that will forever bring our chapter to bigger and better accomplishments. The night I received Jade as my little sister is a Zeta memory I will remember for the rest of my life. She is truly the best little sister I could ever ask for and I know that when I leave this chapter in a few years, Jade will never settle for less than our chapter’s full potential. Jade, I am so proud of you! These two sisters of mine will always have a special place in my heart and I would do absolutely anything for them. Not only has Zeta fulfilled my hopes of belonging to such a strong sisterhood, it has exceeded every expectation."
-Julia Mohr

"I love being able to enjoy my college life with a little family by my side! My Big sis has always been there for me even before I knew she was my Big. Since I joined ZTA my second year of college, time management became a problem, however, my Big was there to motivate me to juggle my time with school and other activities efficiently, but she always reminded me that school comes first! And my Little sis Cari is the nicest girl you will ever meet! Every time I see her she lights up my day. I know I will always be there for her no matter what! She can always come to me for any little thing. Both my Big and Little sisters have grown very close to me within this little time that I have known them and I wouldn’t change them for the world! ♥"
-Panchy Cabrera

"I never knew Zeta would mean so much to me! Joining the chapter in Fall 06 I never knew I could love something so much! I have sisters that are there for me no matter what, that is an amazing, indescribable feeling. My Big Sis Andrea is amazing! She has been there for me since day one through the good times, the bad, finals week, boys, studying, someone to listen to me, and everything in between. I have no idea where I would be without her today. She has helped guide me and has helped to make me the person I am today. She has encouraged me and pushed me to always follow my dreams. She is always there to give me advice and that is what a big sister is, someone to be there for you no matter what! Day or night, thick or thin, and that is exactly what my Big has done for me!
Becoming a Big Sis is something I will never forget. My littles mean the world to me! I have amazing bonds with my littles and I love them so much! Having a Big and being a Big Sis are relationships that words cannot describe. My newest little Nichole is amazing! We have had a bond since day one. She means the world to me and she is such an amazing person, she surprises me everyday! My little Katie never fails to make me laugh. She is my other half and always makes me smile! She is my goofy lil one! My lil Isabel is an amazing and beautiful person! I am so blessed to have her be apart of my life. When I found out she was my little I was so excited I started crying! Its relationships like these that make us who we are and impact our life. I have no idea where I would be without Zeta!"

-Ashley Vargas

Zetas on Youtube

Our pyramid team on Olympics Day in 2008

Our pyramid team on Olympics Day this Spring!

Alice In Wonderland Greek Week Skit 2010!

The Epsilon Chapter of ZTA at the University of Arkansas won 1st Place in the Sprite Step Off Dance Competition! The performance in amazing!

I chose Zeta because...

"Zeta made me feel comfortable. I never felt like I had to be anyone but myself. I didn’t have to try to fit in; to them, I was automatically a part of their groups. The ladies of ZTA were so welcoming and amazing. I knew I could find friends in other sororities, but I found my sisters in Zeta!"
-Christine Mosco, Fall ’07

"The reason I chose Zeta over other sororities was because the girls were real, down to earth, and caring. They were so sweet and made me feel so comfortable when I was around them. I had so much in common with a lot of the girls and they were all super to talk to! The most important reason was that they displayed the best sisterhood and love for each other out of all of the sororities."
-Jessica AVila, Fall '09

"I joined Zeta because I wanted to be able to get involved on and off campus. Also, I joined Zeta because I did not know a lot of people at first, but now that I have so many sisters, I know I can count on them for anything!"
-Cat Rogers, Fall’ ’09

"The girls were really welcoming and made me feel like I was home. I knew that I would find girls that I would be friends with for a lifetime."
-Alissa Benavidez, Fall '06

"I joined Zeta because I felt the sisterhood was the strongest. I liked Zeta as a whole. I also liked Zeta’s philanthropy because I have friends and family who have gone through breast cancer, so breast cancer awareness means a lot to me!"
-Loren Kim, Fall ’09
"I joined ZTA because I could relate to such a large group of girls who were just like me versus just one or two girls in other sororities. Everyone displayed outgoing and fun personalities yet showed intelligent and dedicated mindsets. I knew ZTA was the place for me!"
-Danielle Reynosa, Fall '09

"I joined Zeta because when I went to a Preference Ceremony that wasn’t Zeta’s, I looked at all of the girls and saw select girls I really liked. But at Zeta’s Preference, I looked in the circle and could legitimately see a group of women I could call my sisters. ZTA made me feel at home. You can’t understand the feeling until you feel it for yourself!"
-Delanie Dunne, Fall '08

Zeta had the true girls in their sorority that made me feel like I was talking to actual lifetime friends. They were well presented and made me feel like a sister already!
-Melissa Nguyen, Fall '09
"I joined Zeta to be part of a group of diverse women whom can bring out the best in each other. A group of women who are leaders and want to make a difference in the world."
-Therese Militante, Fall '08
"Besides being an amazing group of girls that I can call friends, the women of ZTA are truly the sisters I've never had. Our sisterhood and willingness to succeed sets us apart from the rest. The women of Zeta Tau Alpha are not only down to earth, but they are also intelligent; two things I never take for granted."
-Katherine Hitchcock, Fall '09

My favorite Zeta memory....

"My favorite Zeta memory was bid day when I realized I would be a part of Zeta forever!"
-Trista Demuth, Fall ’09

"My favorite Zeta memory is running to ZTA on bid day because it is where I belong! Zeta feels like a second home to me, a place where I can depend on my sisters."
-Therese Militante, Fall '08

"My favorite Zeta memory so far had to be when we performed skit 2010. I couldn’t have been more proud to be a part of such a dedicated, uplifting sorority. We Showed how much our sisterhood meant to us the entire greek week in general. Tug was amazing and losing my voice was worth every second spent with my sisters. ZTA has given me many more memories that I will never forget and will forever be in my heart!"
-Danielle Reynosa, Fall '09

"Retreat 2010 was so much fun! I especially loved when over 10 girls came in my room and we stayed up and talked until 3:30 in the morning telling stories, even though we had to been up at 7!"
-Delanie Dunne, Fall ’08

"I’ll never forget during Greek Week last year when our tug team won the match against Chi Omega. I was SO proud of my sisters and everyone was screaming and cheering! Great moment!"
-Jasmin Byrd, Fall '09

"Everytime I see one, two, twenty, or all of my sisters, I know memories would be made! I have grown so much thanks to the experiences Zeta gave me. I love all of my sisters and I can't wait for more memories to be made!"
-Christine Mosco, Fall '07

"My favorite Zeta memory is when the doors to ZTA were opened on Bid Day. Running up to them in my Bid Day shirt only to receive hugs from all of the girls I met during Recruitment was the best feeling!"
-Katherine Hitchcock Fall ’09

"Skit practices and performing Skit at Greek Week 2010! Also, Fall '07 retreat, and Race for the Cure! And anytime we're all together dancing crazy and laughing!"
-Cindy-Lee Marsh, Fall '07

"My favorite Zeta memory had to have been the entire 2010 retreat. Everyone had so much fun and we bonded as a chapter so much. It really made me appreciate my sisters so much more! It was a great experience that involved a lot of learning from one another and a lot of fun bonding times that made our sisterhood even stronger!"
-Jessica Avila, Fall '09

"The fashion show at retreat this part year! It was so much fun and it let all of us let loose and have fun."
-Alissa Benavidez, Fall ’06

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Greek Week 2010

Every spring, the entire Greek community participates in Greek Week. It is a week full of fun and friendly competition, that is dedicated to raising money for charity! In total, we raised $30,031!! We also completed 3,565 hours of community service with Pomona Beautification Day and San Dimas' Great Strides Walk for Cystic Fibrosis.
It was a memorable week that brought Zetas even closer as a chapter!

Quiz Bowl, "Zeta Ladies have brains and beauty!"

Showing our Zeta Crowns with our Porkchop can structure on Can Day!

Our amazing pyramid team on Greek Olympics Day!

Strongest girls ever, our tug team!

Cheering for our tug team!

We sold delicious snow cones to raise money for charity!

We had so much fun on Skit Day!!! Our theme was Alice In Wonderland, Alice and her Zeta sisters had to get our crown back from the evil Queen of Hearts.

The final day of Greek Week was beautification and banquet. The entire Greek community volunteered their time to the community in the morning, and gathered together for awards in the evening! We had so much fun showing our amazing sisterhood all day!