Sunday, October 3, 2010

Greek Week 2010

Every spring, the entire Greek community participates in Greek Week. It is a week full of fun and friendly competition, that is dedicated to raising money for charity! In total, we raised $30,031!! We also completed 3,565 hours of community service with Pomona Beautification Day and San Dimas' Great Strides Walk for Cystic Fibrosis.
It was a memorable week that brought Zetas even closer as a chapter!

Quiz Bowl, "Zeta Ladies have brains and beauty!"

Showing our Zeta Crowns with our Porkchop can structure on Can Day!

Our amazing pyramid team on Greek Olympics Day!

Strongest girls ever, our tug team!

Cheering for our tug team!

We sold delicious snow cones to raise money for charity!

We had so much fun on Skit Day!!! Our theme was Alice In Wonderland, Alice and her Zeta sisters had to get our crown back from the evil Queen of Hearts.

The final day of Greek Week was beautification and banquet. The entire Greek community volunteered their time to the community in the morning, and gathered together for awards in the evening! We had so much fun showing our amazing sisterhood all day!

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