Sunday, October 3, 2010

Zetas had FUN this summer!

Our summer included traveling, hanging out at the beach, and spending some quality time with our sisters!
Kiley and Erika at Dodger's Stadium

Julia traveled to Germany to visit family!

Katie dirtbiking at the track!

Fun at the beach!

Sammy and Katherine at The Aquarium of the Pacific

Cindy-Lee at California Adventure

Ashley and Kiley in Disneyland

Vanessa under a waterfall in Norway

Isabel dressed up for a Lady Gaga concert, and had some fun at Warped Tour!

Jen went to Hawaii!

Kelsey hiked and repelled down cliffs in Colorado!

Christine visited NYC

Cindy-Lee traveled to NYC for an internship

Sammy traveled to Italy, Spain, Dubai, Germany, and Iran!

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