Friday, June 3, 2011

Greek Week Awards Ceremony 2011

Outfitted in black dresses with teal accents, the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha joined together at the Awards Ceremony to culminate Greek Week 2011. After all of our hard work and the many hours that we spent together striving to succeed, we sat anxiously while the winners of each event were announced. The anticipation and efforts that we all contributed as a chapter was definitely worthwhile because we were awarded as the...

On behalf of our chapter, Congratulations to all of the Greek Community on your outstanding achievements and fundraising during Greek Week! Way to go, Greeks!

Wizard Of Oz!

The final day of competition was Lip Sync! Lip Sync is composed of a story line, lip-synced songs, and dancing. Greeks often spend 3 months preparing in hopes of achieving flawless dances and humorous acting to win over the judges. In order to incorporate modern songs and wit, Zeta's Lip Sync this year consisted of songs like "Blow" by Ke$ha to describe the tornado in the Wizard of Oz to many funny one-liners like "It's So Fluffy I'm Going to Die!" when the group meets up with the lion. Our creativity and variety of dances earned us 1st place for Lip Sync! Thanks to our amazing dancers and actors, we wouldn't have been able to do it without you!

Sugar, Spice, And Everything Nice!

The 4th Day of Greek Week was Food Fair. Each Fraternity and Sorority has the responsibility of raising at least $200 dollars for charity by selling a certain carnival food item! This year Zeta chose to do Funnel Cakes! We raised well over the minimum amount and donated all of our proceeds. This day was a great break to hang out with the Greek community and each other while enjoying something as sweet as our sisters!

"To Be Humble In Success, And Without Bitterness In Defeat"...

...are words in our Creed that each and every Zeta Tau Alpha strives to live by everyday, especially during competitions. The third day of Greek Week was Olympics; For girls, the events consist of who can build the fastest 10-person pyramid and Tug-of-War. For the guys, the events consist of a Relay Race and Tug-of-War. For those who do not know, our Tug-of-War rules call for 6 people on a rope (who can weigh no more than a total of 1160lbs) that pull against another sorority team with the same amount of people.
With the speed and agility of our pyramid team, we were able to build a pyramid in 1.1 seconds!

The Tug competition was held later that same night where our Tug team pulled against the 3 other Panhellenic Sororities. After the 3 months of physically draining practices that our Tug team endured, we  ended up undefeated against each sorority, and were victorious. Our 2011 Tug team finally won 1st Place for Zeta Tau Alpha after 14 years!

At the end of Greek Olympics Day, Zeta Tau Alpha tied for 1st place overall!

All It Takes Is Love, Trust, And A Little Bit Of Pixie Dust..

Day 2 of Greek Week was Can Structure Day! Each organization within the Greek community builds a stable structure made from cans, and the cans used are then donated to a shelter after the event. This year, there were many unique and structurally sound entries ranging from the house from the movie UP to our structure, the crocodile from Peter Pan! This event is judged on creativity, spirit, and sturdiness! With the combined efforts of our Greek Goddess (who we can not reveal because she is a Rho Chi for Fall 2011) dressed up as Captain Hook being eaten by a crocodile, the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha singing to the judges, and our amazing Can Building team, we earned 2nd Place in Can Structure!

Welcome to the Happiest Week on Earth: Greek Week 2011

This year Greek Week 2011's theme was Walt Disney. Greek Week is a friendly competition between all of the Sororities and Fraternities that always unites our chapter through hard work and sisterhood. As the competitive side comes out of each member of the Greek community, we all remember that Greek Week is most importantly raising money for a great cause! To kick off Greek Week this year, the Greek Goddesses and Greek Gods competed in a Minute to Win It Challenge. How many quarters can you catch from your elbow in 1 minute? Well our Greek Goddess caught it 35 times! She won the event and won Zeta a buy-in for the next round! 

We competed against 4 other sororities in Quiz Bowl: Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader. With the amazing efforts and intelligence of Courtney Gallagher, Stacy Cantero, Maya Mosher, Amanda Hi-C, and Andrea Nechvatal, we won 1st place in Quizbowl! After a 200pt start and a amazing first win, we were excited to continue with the rest of the week!

Fraternity exchanges, spirit weeks, and more!

Through the many community service events and sisterhoods that we always do in Zeta Tau Alpha, we enjoy the company, fun times, and support from fraternities at Cal Poly Pomona! We would love to thank all of the fraternities that have supported us through philanthropy and provided us with friendships that will last forever. 
Sigma Nu ABC(Anything But Clothes) Exchange!

Pajama Relay Race with Phi Kappa Tau!

Beyond Reality Exchange with Sigma Chi!

Supporting Tau Kappa Epsilon in their spirit week!

Wearing anything that starts with an S.A.E or Z.T.A. for our SAE Exchange! 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Casino Night 2011 and Race For the Cure

Has anyone in your life been affected by breast cancer? About 1 in 8 women in the United States will develop this terrible disease over the course of their lifetime.
Zeta Tau Alpha's National philanthropy is Breast Cancer Education and Awareness, so we put on our Annual Casino Night to support the fight against breast cancer. A HUGE thanks to Sophie Martini and Teiko Uyekawa for planning and producing this memorable night. We are humbled to announce that we raised over $40,000 this year! 

In true Zeta style, we danced the night away with our sisters and guests, enjoyed delicious cupcakes provided by the Cake Mamas, and enjoyed an awe-inspiring evening thanks to our many sponsors, family, and friends!
Race for the Cure
Most days, people don't enjoy waking up at 5am, but there is one day that Zetas always look forward to waking up at the crack of dawn: Race for the Cure! We enjoy meeting those who have survived breast cancer, and we volunteer in honor and memory of those who have lost their fight. This year, the Los Angeles Race for the Cure was held at Dodger's Stadium, and our chapter members help with everything from registration tables to leading the survivors. We are truly amazed by the women who have persevered after a diagnosis of breast cancer for a year up to 50 years of survivorship! These women inspire us to never give up through any of the challenges that we face in life. 

The Newly Initiated Fall of Perfect 10s and their Paddles!

The night before initiation, 'Fall of Perfect 10's' had a retreat together to have fun and bond with their amazing pledge class!
The next morning, the Fall 10's were initiated into the Theta Omega Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha! We are all so proud of our new initiates for believing in the ideals of leadership, love, and sisterhood found in ZTA, and we hope you are ready for a life-time of memories with amazing sisters!

Big Sis Paddles 
This winter, our Fall of Perfect 10's pledge class pulled out their glitter and paint to make their amazing Big Sisters their paddles! Paddles are decorative plagues that newly-initiated members make for their Big Sisters in appreciation of their help during their first experiences of sorority life. Take a look at some of the cutest paddles you'll ever see! Fall of Perfect 10's, your work was definitely appreciated and adored by your Big Sis!