Friday, June 3, 2011

"To Be Humble In Success, And Without Bitterness In Defeat"...

...are words in our Creed that each and every Zeta Tau Alpha strives to live by everyday, especially during competitions. The third day of Greek Week was Olympics; For girls, the events consist of who can build the fastest 10-person pyramid and Tug-of-War. For the guys, the events consist of a Relay Race and Tug-of-War. For those who do not know, our Tug-of-War rules call for 6 people on a rope (who can weigh no more than a total of 1160lbs) that pull against another sorority team with the same amount of people.
With the speed and agility of our pyramid team, we were able to build a pyramid in 1.1 seconds!

The Tug competition was held later that same night where our Tug team pulled against the 3 other Panhellenic Sororities. After the 3 months of physically draining practices that our Tug team endured, we  ended up undefeated against each sorority, and were victorious. Our 2011 Tug team finally won 1st Place for Zeta Tau Alpha after 14 years!

At the end of Greek Olympics Day, Zeta Tau Alpha tied for 1st place overall!

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